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At Full Circle Wellness, we invite you to relax and enjoy our transformative offerings, including joyful movement, holistic nutrition and mind-body nurturing. Our team is passionate about helping you connect the dots in your wellness journey. We're located in a beautifully restored house in Georgetown's richly-charactered downtown.

Wellness Possibilities

Massage Therapy

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Infrared Light Therapy

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PNOE Metabolic Testing

Discover the power of your breath with PNOE. Our cutting-edge breath analysis technology provides clinical precision without the hassle of a medical facility. Uncover insights into your peak performance and longevity, and achieve your goals with personalized nutrition, training, and breathwork programs tailored to your body's needs. Whether you're aiming to lose weight, tackle a marathon, or enhance your overall well-being, PNOE has you covered.

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Continuum Sound Healing is Back!

August 19th @ 7:30pm

Ronnie Brown is a musician, artist, and Sound Healing Practitioner in the Lexington Kentucky area.
Everything is energy. Energy is everything. Vibration is inherent in all things. Sound is energy, sound is vibration.
Crystal/Tibetan Bowls, Sonic Pyramids, Gongs, Sitar, Flutes and various Flow & Energy Chimes, when activated, work to aid in breaking down the bodies disorganized Chakra energies via their Harmonic Frequency nature properties.

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Welcome Back Corey Dupree w/Interconnected Being

2 Workshop Dates

Breathwork encompasses various techniques like Pranayama, Clarity Breathwork, and Wim Hof Method, each backed by different theories and evidence levels. These practices promote holistic healing from physical to spiritual realms. Holosomatic Breathwork, developed by Alexis Alcalá, integrates ancient spiritual wisdom with modern insights from Transpersonal Psychology and Somatic Therapies. It aims to address physical, energetic, and spiritual dimensions through five phases: activating life-force energy, exploring the subconscious mind, releasing blocks, expanding energetic and spiritual realms, and integrating new subconscious patterns.

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Starts Friday August 23rd

Since 2005, Jennifer Shaw has supported people of all ages in healing life's wounds,
enhancing wellness, and reclaiming joy by learning to become mindfully connected to their true
life purpose. As a certified Life Coach, Energy Medicine practitioner, and Mindfulness
Meditation Teacher/ Mentor, she is excited to share an ancient, scientifically-backed strategy
acknowledged as a superpower by researchers, leading wellness experts, successful
executives, and individuals from all walks of life in this six-week course, Mindfulness
Meditation 101

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Give your body the LOVE it needs with some Yoga... Namaste

Mixed Level Yoga w/Marcus - Mondays @11:00am & Thursdays @9:00am
Take a moment to hit 'pause' during your day for some mixed level yoga with Marcus! Each class will focus on breathing techniques, holding a variety of poses, and meeting your body where it's at. Whether you're completely new to yoga or a practicing yogi, Marcus will meet you where you're at in your practice!

Hatha Yoga w/Caitlin - Mondays & Wednesdays @6:30pm
This class is all about connecting the mind, body, and breath with a sequence of asanas. This class is great for beginners that are looking to get their feet wet. We go through many of the basic yoga poses, being mindful of all body types so modifications can easily be made along the way. You can consider this class to be a "slow flow" in the yoga world.

Mixed Level Yoga w/Megan - Saturdays @10:00am
This class is a blend among Vinyasa, Hatha, and Restorative Yoga and is appropriate for ALL levels and ages. We will build endurance and strength, while also improving our flexibility and posture. The first half of class builds energy and heat in the body with Vinyasa and strength-based poses, then we will lean into our "Yin" side with nurturing and restorative poses.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Teresa M.

Show yourself some love and book a massage at Full Circle Wellness. I did not realize how much I needed this and what a wonderful experience! Truly a hidden gem in Georgetown. I booked my next session before leaving. I cannot say enough good things.


My husband and I enjoyed the couples massage with the sauna add-on. We had a great relaxing afternoon. The sauna is a perfect size for two and the massage therapists did a great job. Both of us left relaxed and loose. Thanks!

Michelle M.

I visited Full Circle Wellness last night and experienced the sauna, mineral water, and salt lamp detox globes. It was amazing. The sauna detox was relaxing and refreshing. I could feel my skin softening in the mineral water, and lots of energy release from my hands while on the salt globes. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive of my wellness goals. I can't wait to go back and plan to make Full Circle Wellness a regular part of my self-care routine.

Shawn B.

I recently visited Full Circle Wellness for a 90 minute massage and I don’t think I could have asked for anything better. Kristan gave one of, if not the best massages I have ever had. I had been moving and renovating a home for a few weeks prior to my visit and my body (and mind) was worn out, sore and just completely exhausted. Kristan paid so much attention and detail to every single muscle, joint and pressure point and had me completely relaxed and at ease within minutes.

Tiffani V.

It was a very calming and relaxing experience. Starting off with restorative yoga, then an anti aging sauna treatment, followed by massage, and then a mineral shower at the end that left my skin feeling so soft and amazing. They offer coffee, tea or water during your services and make you feel right at home. I would highly recommend Full Circle Wellness for anyone who wants to treat themselves with a little TLC.

Jon A.

My wife and I had an infrared sauna treatment and massage package from a Valentines Day promo. Kristan and Cheyenne were very attentive and kind. It was a perfect time away from the noise of the world! Tracey has carved out a perfect little wellness retreat for Georgetown!

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