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We're Here for Every Part of Your Wellness Journey

Located in a beautifully restored house just off Georgetown's historic Main Street, we have brought together some of the most innovative and soulful healers in the Commonwealth to provide physical, emotional and spiritual healing in a manner that is honoring to the body. Join us as we celebrate this beginning that will bring us all full-circle in our wellness journeys. 

Tracey Dominick, CEO, Wellness Advocate, Aromatherapy

Tracey is the founder of Full Circle Wellness. She has been passionate about natural health and wellness for over 10 years and has been educating people on the benefits of essential oils for 8 years. She strives to provide her clients with an array of health and wellness options that fit their needs.

Essential oils

Kristan Ray, LMT

Kristan is a graduate of the Lexington Healing Arts Academy and has been a massage therapist for 11 years. She has lived in Georgetown for 3 years and enjoys meeting new people in the community. Outside of giving massages, she enjoys spending time outdoors hiking and camping with her husband and dogs.

Cheyenne Haddix, LMT, CPT

Cheyenne has been an LMT for 8 years with expertise in therapeutic, relaxation and sports massage. She is able to perform lymphatic drainage for post-op and plastic surgery clientele. Cheyenne is very passionate about massage and the immense benefits obtained from it.

Mary Pat Curran, LMT

"MP" has been practicing Massage Therapy for over 10 years. In addition to adding Reiki to her practice, she began offering BodyMind Coaching as a missing piece for her clients’ transformation in 2018.
One of her favorite practices in her business has been Reiki because it allows her to help clients remove their "stuck-ness."
Originally from Chicago, Mary Pat currently resides in Lexington, Kentucky with her hubby, 2 adult children & dogs.

Kendra Jarnagin, RDN

Kendra has a passion for sharing simple nutrition ideas and inspiring others to create habits to feel healthier and live life with more energy. As a registered dietitian and FASTer Way to Fat Loss coach, it brings her great joy when she is working with clients to help them find ways to feel better. She is a lifelong lover of food, especially chocolate, and enjoys the pursuit of new healthy habits. It is her goal to help clients implement strategies for a lifetime.

Beth Wells, Yoga Instructor

Born and raised in Lexington, and with 2 teenagers raised in Scott County, Beth has a true love of Kentucky and the people in it. With a welcoming smile, she invites everyone of all fitness levels to have fun and enjoy class, to feel strong and supported, and to leave with a settled mind, and a “happy” body!

Caitlin Corder, Yoga Instructor

Caitlin is a 200hr RYT and teaches Hatha Yoga. She's been practicing yoga for about 8 years, and obtained her teaching certificate last year. She strives for her classes to be safe and inviting for all people. Originally from Monticello, KY, she relocated to Lexington about 2.5 years ago. She absolutely loves spending time with her dog named Benny Goodman. Some of her hobbies include yoga, painting, playing music, and training Benny. Caitlin is very excited to be joining Full Circle Wellness!

Jen Anderson, Yogalore Kids Yoga

Jen is a children’s yoga instructor. Eight years ago, she created Yogalore, an educational yoga curriculum for children. She has worked with children and adults with special needs for 35 years as a preschool teacher & director, yoga & art teacher, foster parent & parent. Jennifer developed Yogalore as a way not only to educate children, but also as a tool to help teachers and parents incorporate yoga into everyday life. She currently resides in Georgetown and teaches Yogalore classes locally.

Megan McEuen

After 20 years serving her community as a real estate agent and broker, she began a journey into territory unfamiliar to her - the world of yoga. As her heart learned to speak this new language, her eyes opened to a world of gratitude and joy. Suddenly, each breath redefined how she navigated difficulty and each movement created space to appreciate herself without judgment. "Should our paths cross along our yoga journeys, I will delight in learning from you and with you. Namaste." -Megan

Sarah Walker, LMT

With 8 years of massage experience, Sarah loves coming to the table and helping clients feel better through movement and stretching. With the use of Aromatherapy, hot towels and a gentle touch, she helps clients get to a relaxed state of mind. She then uses props during massages to help with posture. Her favorite part about being a therapist is seeing how a client feels once they come off the table.

Trahnel Mitchum, Wellness Center Support

Trahnel is originally from California but moved to Georgetown over 19 years ago and has loved the “small town” she’s raised her children in. Married to her husband for over 20 years, they have two teenage children that have kept them active and involved in their community. She enjoys traveling as often as possible, running & hiking our local trails, baking goodies and reading.